Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Birthday

Well it's Monday. The Monday after my 25th birthday. So I thought I'd fill you in on the weekend.
You know sometimes I take way too many photos and other times I don't take any. AT ALL! Example number 1: we went out to eat Friday night for our friend Chance's birthday (and mine ;)). We had a table of at least 12 of us. 12 of us that hardly ever hang out together. 12 of us that will probably not hang out again for a good 3-4 months. That is unless everyone is at Amy's Valentine's Dance this Friday...that's another story. But did I take a picture of any of those 12 dear friends? Did I ask the waitress to snap a quick photo of us? Nope. I swear sometimes I wonder why I am called a a photographer should I always have a camera glued to my face? Please tell me no. As much as I love photography I just sometimes am not in the mood. I'm sure you feel the same way about your job, or your calling in life.

Speaking of "calling in life"...Thursday a friend of mine (whose engagement photos I shot Tuesday) called me up to tell me how impressed she was with her engagement photo sneak peek. This girl was so excited she barely took a breath for the duration of our 5 minute conversation. And she only saw three photos of the hundreds I took. And only one of those three actually had their faces in them! LOL! It made me feel so good and appreciated to hear all her praise over the pictures. It's clients and reactions like that one that make me want to be a photographer. But they can't all be that great.

Anywho, back to the weekend. We went to Mugshots for dinner. I always get the same thing, the Walker! And I always act like I'm going to order the peanut butter burger but I always chicken out. I don't even really care for peanut butter. Why in the heck would I want a burger with peanut butter??!! Sometimes I don't even understand myself.

Keller was SO GOOD as always. He was passed all around those 12 people at that table Friday night and I never heard a peep from him. Would you believe that child didn't go to sleep until almost 11:30 pm??! Would not have even known it was that late because he NEVER got upset. Nothing. I swear he is a little perfect angel baby. Probably until he hits age 2 or at least eeehh 14.

Everybody ragged on Tyler the whole night for ordering the club at Mugshots. If you know Tyler and/or know Mugshots you get this....who orders a club at Mugshots?? Jonathan wore his red suspenders, a short sleeve button-up and his iconic, Indiana Jones-esque hat. Needless to say he caught at least 3 curious on-lookers snapping photos with their cell phones. I only wish I could venture into the facebook feed of local high schoolers and see how their Friday night at Mugshots went!

Saturday Jonathan got up at the butt crack of dawn. Crutched around a bit getting a few things together to go with Tyler to Flora for something or another. It's hard to keep up with those two. Keller slept until almost 9 when he woke up like he always does. With a BIG smile on his face :D I fed him his bottle and then we just snuggled on the couch and watched tv. Pretty much all day. And it was fabulous. Just doing nothing. I watched "City of Angels" for the first time. Talk about a letdown. I mean it was good but did she really have to die?? Pooey. A little later on the brother-in-law and his buddy came by to watch the State basketball game. I think we won? I don't know...ever since giving birth I have found it really difficult to watch a football or basketball game. Either I am tending to the baby or my brain cells just no longer function like they should.

Sunday was my birthday. We thought about going to church's hard enough just getting myself ready for church on time, much less a baby, a husband, AND tending to a dog. Jonathan HAS GOT to get OFF those crutches STAT! Usually I would have gotten breakfast in bed on my birthday but that would have required me getting out of bed and taking the breakfast back to bed with me. So gas station chicken biscuit it is. With hashbrowns. You know what else I did on my birthday? Hhmmm...I picked up around the house, cleaned the kitchen and went to the store BY MYSELF! When I got home I got back on the couch to watch the super bowl commercials. Not really impressed. Is it just me or were the majority of the commercials from automobile companies? And I must say that was the best halftime show I think I have ever seen. Props to you Madonna.

 The night ended with my two boys singing "Happy Birthday" over a pan of delicious brownies. It was quite eventful. 25 is definitely going down in the books. All because Keller cut his first tooth! Happy birthday, Mommy!


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