Sunday, March 11, 2012

There Is A First Time For Everything

Especially if you are a 6 month old!
My first time eating baby food! Carrots. Yuumm.

My first Mississippi State baseball game!

After my first time fishing with Daddy!

The baby is just growing toooo fast! Our first experience with baby food went well, although I had to trick him by alternating between the carrots and rice cereal! ;) He is a good eater now though! Loves him some sweet peas!

His first trip to Starkville AND his first MSU baseball game went down a couple weeks ago. He had a good ol' time with his Great Grandaddy and LOVED the dancers at the game!! :))

Jonathan took Keller on his first fishing trip the next day while I was shooting an engagement session. He said he had the best time, just sat in his car seat in between Jonathan's feet in the bottom of the boat! The only time he got upset was when Jonathan wouldn't let him have the fish!!

I can't believe he is almost 7 months and his first Easter is just around the corner!


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  1. Wow!!!! He looks soooo much like Jonathan, it's insane!!