Wednesday, March 7, 2012

All You Need Is... food. and family. :)
Keller's first Valentine :)
Love Nanny & PawPaw

Part of my Vday gift to Jonathan.

A penny for the important years.
His scratch off card!
Did he have to choose that one?? ;)

heart shaped choc chip muffins.
with nutella of course!

I was going to cook him breakfast on Valentine's Day... of his favorites...

...egg in a hole heart...
...but he was in a hurry for work... I made vday breakfast for myself...

this is Sandy. Yes, I name inanimate objects. so what?

I have cucumbers growing in my window. Do you?
no words.

love him :)
he LOVES to hang upside down!

they are my everything.
first catch of the season. bass from one of our ponds.

caught. cleaned. cooked. thank you hubby!

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