Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our Wedding Day - Part II

Continuing on... our wedding ceremony turned out so beautiful! Everything was picture perfect!! After the ceremony we took some pictures including some fun ones like the girls pulling Jonathan in every direction. I just love his sister Katie's facial expression!

The reception was held at The Club at North Creek golf course, which was just right around the corner from the church. Jonathan and I were introduced when we arrived and I had the DJ play "Son of A Preacher Man". It was priceless! After greeting several guests and thinking about eating, we danced our first dance as Mr. & Mrs. Patterson. We love Bob Marley! So we just had to... we may be the only couple in history to dance to "Is This Love" and I wouldn't have it any other way! Me and my Daddy danced next. Ever since I was a little girl I knew which song we would dance to and there have been several occasions when we would practice in the kitchen :) We danced to "Unforgettable" and he is definitely unforgettable. Jonathan and his mother danced to "Sweet Happy Life". It was precious!

Jonathan and I cut the wedding cake shortly after and let me tell you it looked like a battle scene. Cake everywhere, including up my nose! But it was all in good fun! The cake was definitely one of my favorite things about the wedding. I got the idea from Martha Stewart Weddings. It was alternating tiers of strawberry and butter cake, with brown frosting to resemble wood grain, better known as faux bois. We also served one of our favorites, hot chocolate chip cookies with cold milk! YUM YUUMM!!

After catching up with old friends and dancing with new ones it was time to say goodnight. We exited through a sea of sparklers with a hint of cowbell. GO DAWGS!

Photography by David Eubanks. Visit his blog here. To see all of our wedding photos from Part II click here. From Part I click here.

Flowers by Lynn-Doyle. They did an excellent job!

Cake by Donna. Thank you! It was more than I could have hoped for :)

Catering by First Choice. Wish I could tell you the food was good from experience...I didn't get any :( but I heard it was de-lish. Owner, John Woods, is sweet as pie!

DJ - Lance Richardson - great guy!

Groomsmen's tuxedos came from Men's Wearhouse and Bridesmaid's dresses came from David's Bridal.

I designed my wedding gown and had it custom made! Every girl's dream.


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